Women’s Economic Empowerment

Women must have equal power and opportunity to make and act on economic decisions and share in economic benefit.

IWDA supports decent and safe work for all, equal pay for equal work, full and productive employment choices and respect for the substantial unpaid and informal work that women do around the world, because we know that gender equality and sustainable economic management go hand in hand.

We generate new evidence and bring visibility to valuing women’s unpaid work, reproductive roles and the care economy. Our program and project partnerships and our research work improve women’s opportunities to earn and save and gain skills and knowledge in financial management and business or organisational development. We promote labour rights and land rights for women and we resource organisations protecting the environment, the workplace or legislative settings to close the gender gap.

IWDA confronts the economic dimensions of gender inequality. We support individuals and organisations to become independent thinkers, to drive their own agendas for sustainable livelihoods and access to financial services for all.

By investing in women-focused organisations we can achieve lasting community gains by addressing the root causes of social, political and economic problems. We can transform systems, structures and the social norms that create the present exclusion of the majority of citizens.

Our Goal

Women will have equal power and opportunity to make and act on economic decisions and share in economic benefit.

Our impact in 2016


Women participated in economic empowerment training


People experiencing poverty had increased access to financial services


People now have the skills needed to achieve a sustainable livelihoods

Our partners for change

WARA Savings Club

The West ‘Are ‘Are Rokotanikeni Association (WARA) is a women-led, volunteer run savings club that gives women in the Solomon Islands a space to come together, learn more about managing finances, and store their savings safely. The club currently has over 1000 members, and last year saved more than 122,500 Solomon Islands Dollars (AUD$20,543).

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United Sisterhood Alliance

United Sisterhood Alliance comprises of four separate institutions; Workers Information Centre (WIC), Messenger Band, Women’s Network for Unity (WNU), and Social Action for Change (SAC).

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Covalima Community Centre

Covalima Community Centre (CCC) run English and computer courses, and provide scholarship opportunities for young people to access vocational training and education opportunities; support women’s groups with a focus on livelihoods strengthening and – increasingly – leadership; and are becoming more involved in advocacy work at district level.

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