Our Work

Our vision is a gender equal world

Together with our partners and as part of global coalitions, IWDA has worked for more than 30 years to progress the rights of women and girls. We have a clear vision that one day we will achieve gender equality, for all.

IWDA respects and acknowledges the life cycle experiences of diverse women and girls. We’ve always understood that women are not a homogenous group and that gender-based discrimination intersects with other sources of discrimination including race, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion and socio-cultural background.

Our Values


We respect women’s diverse experiences, identities, knowledge and strengths and strive to empower women to realise their full and equal rights.


We are honest and transparent and are committed to evaluating and communicating the outcomes of our work with integrity.


We build trusting relationships and strong partnerships as we believe that advancing together is crucial for achieving progressive change.


We are determined to make real, lasting improvements in women’s lives by transforming the root causes of gender inequality.

The 5 goals that guide us

1. Promote women’s leadership and participation

Women will have an equal say in decisions affecting their lives in their homes, communities and countries, as well as in regional and international spaces. They will have full and effective participation in leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and social life.

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2. Strengthen women’s safety and security

Women and girls will live free from gender-based violence. They will play powerful roles in peace building and national security.

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3. Accelerate women’s economic empowerment

Women will have equal power and opportunity to make and act on economic decisions and share in economic benefits.

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4. Advance systemic change

We will add value and expertise to Australian and international structural reforms that advance women’s rights and gender equality, and have a transformative impact on the causes of gender inequality.

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5. Ensure organisational sustainability and accountability

We align our resources to the above goals and are accountable to our partners and supporters. We will continue developing as a sustainable organisation, recognised as an expert in gender and development and diverse women’s rights.

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In the last 12 months


people received information and training on gender issues and women's equal rights.


women survivors of gender-based violence were provided with support services.


women assumed leadership positions.

Where we work