With women and girls experiencing violence, sexual abuse, discrimination or barriers to financial independence and participation in the decision-making that directly affects their everyday lives, human rights violations against women are still rife in our region. Long-term, sustainable support is critical to ensuring the longevity of vital programs that support women and girls when they need it most.

Monthly donations through IWDA’s Empower Regular Giving Program enable us to secure our partners’ essential programs that provide women and girls a path towards accessing their human rights in their communities. Demand for our programs continues to grow as more women and girls become educated about their rights and courageously seek support through our partner programs.

Funds raised though our Empower Program, enable us to work with our partners to effectively budget, plan, secure and build their capacity to drive transformative change in their communities, the region and the world.

When you commit to IWDA’s Empower Regular Giving Program, you are committing to secure opportunities for women so they can courageously take action to dismantle the barriers and systems that have prevented them from accessing their human rights.


Here are some examples of what your regular investment can achieve:

You will help to make sure decisions made in governments are right for women. From supporting women to become Chiefs and Parliamentarians to lobbying the Heads of Government.

You will be bringing the world closer to peace. When women are part of peace making negotiations, negotiations are more likely to succeed. You can support women to be part of this process.

You will be addressing the root causes of violence against women and girls – and supporting women who have experienced violence. The work you support will range from women’s refuges across the Asia Pacific to research that finds new ways of changing community attitudes and changing laws that protect violent perpetrators.

You will make it possible for determined women to improve their economic security. You will be supporting small business entrepreneurs in Solomon Islands, women fighting to change inheritance laws in Papua New Guinea or garment factory workers in Cambodia advocating for better labour laws.

You will help dismantle the root causes of injustice. If we don’t use research to unearth discrimination and prove the impact it has, if we don’t campaign for changes to laws and systems that undermine women’s rights, if we don’t support women to stand up for their rights and advocate for change – we can’t make a long-term impact. You can help address the big issues undermining women’s rights in the Asia Pacific and the world.

“Everything we as women value is at stake – our people and health and safety. Stand up for these with your good strong heart” – IWDA Supporter

As an Empower donor, you are part of a community of like-minded people who are passionate about women’s rights and gender equality. You are part of a global movement working towards ensuring women and girls throughout the Asia Pacific are safe and secure, economically independent and have a voice in local, regional and global forums, so they can make change at the highest level.


Sign up here today to join our Empower program and invest in women.

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