Help Women Most at Risk during COVID-19

This is an emergency unlike anything any of us have ever seen in our lifetimes.

IWDA and our partners in Asia and the Pacific are fighting the catastrophic effects of the COVID-19 crisis on many fronts.

We are witnessing an alarming surge in domestic violence cases as millions of women are locked down in unsafe homes. We’re also seeing a huge loss of livelihoods as women are more likely to hold jobs in under-regulated industries with low wages and poor protections, such as the garment industry.

Your donation today could help:

  • buy urgent food and supplies for safe houses to support women who are at a high risk of violence during COVID-19
  • pay for the development, translation and printing of information resources on COVID-19 prevention measures to be distributed to remote communities.


Donate to help women most at risk
* Donations $2 and above are tax-deductible. Payments are made through our encrypted eWay Gateway. A receipt will be emailed to you.