Where We Work

IWDA has worked in partnership with more than 200 women’s rights organisations and alliances across every continent except Antarctica since 1985.

We are proudly part of the global feminist movement and contribute to progressive change towards gender equality. We also resource others in the movement, primarily women’s rights organisations in Asia and the Pacific, to do their work.

We currently work in partnership with local organisations in nine countries across Asia and the Pacific. Our geographic proximity to our partners allows us to amplify voices, share resources, sustain exchanges, and support each other’s research and advocacy.

Our partnerships extend beyond our region – we know the power of global cooperation too. That’s why we’re also members of international coalitions that share our vision of gender equality for all.

In addition to our program partnerships, we drive our own knowledge creation initiatives including development of new tools for global use, such as our Equality Insights program. By actively contributing to national, regional, and global networks and coalitions, we create space for marginalised voices to be heard and amplified.

Find out more about our work in Australia, Asia and the Pacific, and worldwide:

Image of Myanmar MPs standing on the Dutch Ambassador's step in Canberra

IWDA was founded by three Australian women over 35 years ago in Melbourne. Since 1985 we have worked with grassroots and national organisations, State and Federal governments in Australia to defend and advance the rights of women.

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The Region

For over 35 years we’ve worked with local organisations across Asia and the Pacific. As we look ahead, women and girls in this expansive and diverse region face continued barriers to leadership and rights.

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Image of IWDA staff and partners at AWID in Brazil, 2016
The World

We work globally to defend and advance the rights of women and girls in all their diversity. We work with partners, governments and as part of coalitions and alliances to advance gender equality.

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Where we work