The Region

The Asia Pacific Region is our home. For over thirty years we’ve worked with local organisations across this expansive and diverse region. As we look ahead, women and girls in Asia Pacific face continued barriers to leadership and rights. We work with partners in the region to understand and respond to the unique challenges facing women throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Our work in the region focusses on Women’s Leadership, Economic Empowerment, Safety and Security and Systemic Change.

We work in partnership with over 26 organisations, and as part of alliances to ensure the voices of women across Asia Pacific are heard.

Partnering for change

IWDA employs a rights-based, feminist approach to partnership. This underpins our work with all partners and is why we work with local women’s organisations and networks, recognising they’re the most effective agents of change with the deepest understanding of their context.

This partnership model reflects our experience that strengthening women’s ability to act collectively is key to change in the context of inequality and marginalisation.

IWDA has scaled up from working on small scale projects to larger, multi-country programs such as Women’s Action for Voice and Empowerment (WAVE). This enables the sharing of experiences, knowledge and resource between diverse women’s organisations across Asia Pacific.

Our alliances

Throughout Asia Pacific we work with forums and networks like the Asia Pacific Womens Action for Peace and Security (APWAPS) and The World Economic Forum (WEF). These alliances bring together and amplify women’s voices and experiences on the global stage.

A key part of our work is leveraging forums and networks to ensure the voices of women in Asia Pacific are heard in the corridors of power. We work with and mobilise women across Asia Pacific to attend global forums such as the Commission on the Status of Women in New York, and seek their input in Australia when Pacific voices are missing from key debates.

We work in particular with women across the Pacific to support the amplification of their voices around the world.

Where we work