Equality Insights

Understand poverty. Inspire change.

Equality Insights is a gender-sensitive measure of poverty and flagship initiative of IWDA. The program is underpinned by twelve years of research and collaboration with multiple partners. The survey that underpins it asks individuals questions about many aspects of their life to better understand their unique circumstances. The results inspire and support targeted change.

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By revealing the realities of those who are otherwise left invisible, Equality Insights provides an evidence base for policy-makers, women’s rights organisations and their communities and other advocates for equality and justice. This is a foundation for IWDA’s advocacy for, and contribution to, better gender data to achieve equality, rights, opportunities and freedom for individuals and communities. IWDA joins with women’s rights organisations, movements, and other advocates in working for the changes that will make this possible. Data plays an essential role in revealing inequalities and the barriers that sustain them.

Equality Insights is a vehicle for transformative, systemic change and builds on IWDA’s commitment to shifting systems and structures, behaviours and attitudes, data and analysis, that stand in the way of equality for all.

Equality Insights is underpinned by twelve years of research and development. Our history of collaborative partnerships and research in different cultural contexts can be viewed in full here.

Notably, from 2016-2020 the Australian National University (ANU) and the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) undertook a significant program of refinement and testing to ready (what was then known as) the Individual Deprivation Measure (IDM) for global use. This work was supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and enabled regular contributions to global discourses on individual and gender-sensitive multidimensional poverty measurement and addressing gender data gaps.

Equality Insights will build on the foundations of the IDM to increase the accessibility of the measure and the data it generates, including for actors with fewer resources or more limited technical capacity.

Equality Insights - implemented by IWDA