18 metres squared?

November 20, 2015

Chhom Chanthy, a garment worker in Cambodia. Photo: IWDA
Chhom Chanthy, a garment worker in Cambodia. Photo: IWDA

Do you know what the home of a Cambodian garment worker looks like?

Chhom Chanthy, pictured above, works in a garment factory just outside of Phnom Penh. For Chanthy, home is a small, 18 metres squared room she shares with 5 other women. She shares her hard, wooden bed with another garment worker because that is all she can afford. The room has no toilet, no bathroom, no privacy.

Rows of these small, dark and humid rooms line the streets. With the factory she works at within sight, Chanthy’s oppressive workplace is never far from her mind.

The rent of this suffocating room accounts for much of Chanthy’s wage. This perpetuates the cycle of exploitation.

United Sisterhood Alliance works to strengthen and empower these women. By sharing information with them and advocating for their rights, they provide a sense of sisterhood for women who have no one else to turn to.

But they need your support to continue to reach these women.

These women are forced by their employers into situations that are exploitative, unethical and unsustainable. With 12+ hour days and shockingly low wages, the work is crushing and isolating.

Please consider a donation today. Your donation will directly support women like Chanthy to stand up and challenge injustices.