Women’s Rights Action Movement

Women’s Rights Action Movement (WRAM) is a non-government organisation of motivated women and men who believe in the cause for gender equality. The founders saw a need to effectively and consistently remind Government of gender issues in the country, and its commitments to addressing these issues, focusing on the need to reform laws and policies. WRAM’s focus areas are promoting women in decision making and leadership, eliminating violence against women and women’s economic empowerment.

Women’s Rights Action Movement AND IWDA

IWDA began partnering with WRAM in 2013. IWDA was WRAM’s first donor and continues to be their sole contributor to core funding. IWDA has supported WRAM to strengthen the organisation’s capacity through facilitating two strategic plans, support with financial management systems, policy development and recruitment of staff.

Quick Facts

  • WRAM has been instrumental in advocating for the adherence to CEDAW by the Solomon Islands Government, taking the leading role in the Solomon Islands’ first ever CEDAW Shadow Reporting process with a consortium of 12 women’s NGOs in Solomon Islands.
  • In the lead up to the 2014 election in the Solomon Islands, WRAM and Commonwealth Local Government Forum collaborated to support women candidates, including through publicity support such as designing posters and radio campaigns.
  • WRAM undertakes significant work to hold duty bearers accountable to their commitments, including advocacy on passing the Solomon Islands Family Protection Bill.