Wide Bay Conservation Association

Wide Bay Conservation Association (WBCA) is an association made up of clans from the Wide Bay area of East Pomio, New Britain. WBCA works to strengthen recognition of women as traditional custodians of the land, and as equal leaders in their communities. WBCA supports local communities, especially women, to have control over decisions about their land and resources.

Wide Bay Conservation Association AND IWDA

An IWDA partner since 2009, WBCA’s program scope in partnership with IWDA has grown significantly in recent years. They are seeking to consolidate their historical work around land, livelihoods, and improving women’s rights to decision making over land, while expanding their focus on women’s safety and security. WBCA implements high quality programs, using a theory of change that is grounded in East Pomio community values.

Quick Facts

  • WBCA works in East Pomio District, in East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea, where most land ownership in East Pomio is matrilineal; women are the traditional custodians of land.
  • Seeing women excluded from large-scale development projects on community land, women and men leaders of two clans founded WBCA in 1994.
  • Thanks to the work of WBCA, women’s priorities have been incorporated into seven Ward Development Plans, and nine communities have decided to refuse palm oil plantations on their lands.