IWDA Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism

IWDA’s board, leadership and staff are committed to addressing racial injustice and discrimination of all forms, including within our own organisation. We endeavour to listen, learn and act to become an explicitly diverse, inclusive and anti-racist feminist organisation. This journey is core to our values and vision.

 We commit to making IWDA a safe and inclusive workplace for all.

 We commit to calling-out, calling-in, confronting and addressing all forms of discrimination wherever we see it or experience it.

This includes within our own organisation. We acknowledge it has taken us too long to make some of the necessary changes to our policies and practices to ensure we are a diverse, inclusive and anti-racist organisation. We regret this and acknowledge any harm caused to women of colour within our organisation and commit to doing better.

 We intend to stand with First Nations women and amplify their calls for justice. This is an acknowledgement of the deep and painful history of racism in Australia that stems from colonisation and continues to thrive in our institutions and communities today.

 We intend to take a decolonising approach to our practice. In our Strategic Plan 2020-2023, we explicitly state our intention to decolonise our approach to feminism and development, and our intention to address inequalities.

 We intend to actively learn from women in the countries where we partner, First Nations women, and women of colour in our organisation, in our Australian community and global activists and allies.

 We recognise the power of language. We intend to update the language we use as we learn and evolve.

 We commit to action. We recognise our words have little value if they are not accompanied by action. IWDA has begun the process of improving organisational enablers of diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organisation.

  • In early 2021, staff and board directors participated in training sessions on race and racism, people of colour – power and resilience (WoC staff only), deconstructing whiteness, and allyship in the workplace. We remain committed to ensuring these sessions are a genuine means of facilitating open conversations in a safe and inclusive way.
  • In 2021, we have undertaken a transparent and participatory review of all elements of organisational culture at IWDA and sought recommendations to improve our culture, so it is more inclusive and ensures we are living our values. The recommendations of this review are now being implemented across IWDA.
  • We are developing organisational guidance on decolonising organisational practice.
  • We commit to the Australian Council for International Development’s Resolution on Race, Diversity and Australian NGOs. As part of this commitment, we resolve to progress dialogue and action on greater representation, participation and access to decision making for diverse women within our own governance and leadership structure.

As we progress along our journey, we commit to providing regular updates, and to publicly update and add to this list of actions.

Raising a complaint

At IWDA we are committed to accountability and continuous learning and improvement. We take complaints very seriously. If you would like to raise a complaint with us, we will work with you to understand the situation, resolve it as quickly as possible and put in place measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We value complaints as opportunities for us to learn and improve.

To find out how to make a complaint, or make a report under our Whistleblower Policy, see our Complaints Procedure.

July 2021