IWDA Strategic Plan 2020-2023

IWDA resources diverse women’s rights organisations primarily in Asia and the Pacific, and contributes to global feminist movements to advance our vision of gender equality for all.

We are pleased to launch our Strategic Plan 2020-2023, which sets the direction for the next three years of our work.

Download the IWDA Strategic Plan 2020-2023

IWDA Strategic Plan 2020-2023

The Strategic Plan sets out three goals, five strategies and eleven objectives to guide our work.

Resource and contribute to resilient and vibrant feminist movements, primarily in the areas of power, leadership and civic space; freedom from violence; and gendered climate justice.

Resilient and vibrant feminist movements are critical to defending and advancing the rights of diverse women and girls. This will move us towards achieving our vision of gender equality for all.

IWDA is part of the global feminist movement and contributes to progressive change towards gender equality. We also resource others in the movement, primarily women’s rights organisations in Asia and the Pacific, to do their work.

Promote systemic change towards gender equality for all

Progressing change towards gender equality for all requires transformation of the formal and informal structures that underpin inequality including resources, laws and policies, norms and exclusionary practices, and individual consciousness.

IWDA contributes to systemic change through our own knowledge creation and advocacy which seeks to transform discourse on gender equality, and by resourcing the work of others in the movement. We collaborate with feminist movements and other strategic partners, adding our voice to collective efforts towards systemic change and gender equality for all.

Build a resilient and relevant feminist organisation

To be an effective ally, IWDA must be resilient and able to withstand financial shocks, with a strong organisational culture that promotes wellbeing and diversity.

We must sharpen our capabilities for intersectional feminist analysis and expertise to ensure that we continue to be relevant to the women’s rights organisations we support and the broader feminist movement.

Download the IWDA Strategic Plan 2020-2023

By working together, we can defend and advance the rights of women and girls and achieve gender equality for all.