WAVE Women’s Political Leadership Strategy

Women have the right to influence decisions that affect their lives, but are drastically underrepresented in leadership at all levels of society.

The Women’s Action for Voice and Empowerment (WAVE) program supports women’s leadership, so women can support women’s rights. When women lead, communities are safer, more equal and everybody benefits.

The Women’s Political Leadership Strategy shows how decisions around women’s political leadership are made within the WAVE program.
The Strategy is based on international best practice and evidence, and learnings from IWDA and other WAVE partner experiences.

The Strategy aims to see:

  1. Gender quota models introduced in electoral frameworks and party policies
  2. Women are perceived as equally legitimate and effective political leaders as men
  3. Increased numbers of women are interested in being a candidate
  4. Women candidates are supported throughout the electoral cycle
  5. Elected women have improved power and influence to advance women’s rights



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