Global Goals: Moving Towards Implementation

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development provide an important moment to accelerate global action on gender inequality and women’s empowerment. Meeting the Australian Government’s commitments under these goals requires a coordinated approach across Australia’s work – domestically and internationally – which must include increased investment, improved data collection and active consultation with women’s rights organisations and networks both at home and abroad.

The first year of the Global Goals is an opportunity for building the relationships and structures that will enable Australia to be a leader on this agenda. Within this Policy Brief, IWDA urges the Australian Government to lead by example, by:

  1. Consulting with women’s rights organisations and networks on implementation and processes.
  2. Developing a Cross-Government Coordination Mechanism.
  3. Increasing investment to close the gender financing gap.
  4. Drawing on existing international frameworks and commitments to inform action.
  5. Integrating efforts to achieve the Global Goals with existing mechanisms.
  6. Leading on new international priorities, such as unpaid care.
  7. Making connections across the goals and targets.
  8. Addressing data gaps and measuring change at the individual

Download the policy brief.