Use Your Power Today To Help End Sexual Violence

Sexual violence affects women globally. One in three women will experience either physical or sexual violence in her lifetime.

It’s not about SEX, it’s about POWER.

We know that all sexual violence comes from abuse of power. From sexualisation of women and girls, to sexual assault, some men are using sexual harassment and violence, or the threat of these, to exert power over women.

And it’s going to take a transformational shift in society to overcome it. IWDA’s partner organisations in Asia and the Pacific are all striving to make change to end violence against women and girls for good.

Your donation can help IWDA partner organisations to:
• advocate for women’s rights at work, including the right to live free from sexual harassment
• propose new laws to outlaw sexual harassment and sexual violence
• support men and boys to challenge discriminatory behaviours and attitudes
• empower girls and young women to know their rights

Even a small contribution will make a big difference.

Use your power today to help end sexual violence and create a safe and equal future for everyone.

Together let’s dismantle the systems that prevent women and girls from achieving equality.

No woman should have to experience sexual violence. Not in Australia, not anywhere else. Not now, not ever.

Donate to help end sexual violence
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