Persistence Beats Resistance


IWDA congratulates Yoshiko Yamaguchi-Capelle on her successful appointment to the Pacific Women Advisory Board. Yoshiko’s involvement in the Pacific Young Women’s Leadership Alliance (PYWLA) traces back to 2013, where she attended their first Young Women’s Dialogue around the 12th Pacific Women’s Minister Triennial Meeting in Cook Islands – a meeting which was co-funded by IWDA’s Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women program.

Persistent lobbying and advocacy efforts by the PYWLA and the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement was supported by IWDA’s FLOW program and has led to the creation of this new position for Yoshiko as a youth women’s representative. Her commitment to advancing women’s rights in the Pacific and continued youth advocacy has restructured the Pacific Women Advisory Board.

This is a commendable achievement and marks success for IWDA’s FLOW program, which focusses on improving women’s leadership in the Pacific. Our research has identified age as a potential barrier to participation, which makes her appointment as a youth advisor all the more inspiring.

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