Message from the CEO

March 7, 2014

As we move past our 103rd International Women’s Day and edge closer to IWDA’s 30th anniversary next year, I am driven by a confidence that IWDA is more visible and engaged than ever before. I celebrate the diversity of our team here in Australia. I treasure the wisdom gained and broader program success possible, now that our partnerships are becoming inter-generational and inter-connected.

Our women’s civil and political participation programs are now regional in implementation. Our partnerships, alliances and advisory roles in regards to women’s safety and security reach from the villages in PNG to the UN Security Council in New York. We remain ever vigilant in holding government and development practitioners accountable to gender equality – beyond rhetoric.

IWDA remains confident our geo-political focus in Asia and the Pacific region is strategic and contributes significantly to the global women’s rights movement through gender analysis and development practice that is context and culturally specific.

At home, as we engage in vigorous dialogue with our government about the future of the Australian aid program, IWDA is encouraged by the Coalition’s consistent messages that investment and engagement with current and emerging female leaders in our region is seen as critical to development, security and prosperity.

I hope you enjoy our International Women’s Day edition newsletter. We look forward to working with you all in 2014 with vibrancy and drive.