Gender and Development for Cambodia

Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC) is a local non-profit and non-political organisation based in Phnom Penh. GADC conducts a community of practice that supports emerging women leaders from the government and community sectors to share information and experiences to promote solidarity, and personal and professional sharing. GADC plays an intermediary role between different levels of politics, ensuring information is adequately disseminated, and local needs are heard.

Gender and Development for Cambodia AND IWDA

IWDA began partnering with GADC in 2012, though previously worked with GADC in an informal capacity as early as 2002. GADC’s current program focuses on supporting women to be effective and confident leaders, supporting community attitudes towards women’s leadership and gender equality, and engaging in national and regional forums supporting gender equality.

Quick Facts

  • GADC has conducted research on topics such as gender-based violence, cultural norms of masculinity and political situations for women.
  • GADC created the Cambodian Men’s Network, as well as the Women’s Empowerment through Legal Awareness Network.
  • GADC’s work has covered 100% of provinces of Cambodia.