Fiji Women’s Rights Movement

Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM) is a multiethnic and multicultural non-governmental organisation committed to removing discrimination against women through institutional reform and attitudinal change. FWRM practices and promotes feminism, democracy and the rule of law, good governance and human rights. It strives to empower, unite and provide leadership opportunities for women in Fiji, especially for emerging young leaders.

Fiji Women’s Rights Movement AND IWDA

IWDA first partnered with FWRM in 1988, supporting the ‘Women Against Rape’ project. IWDA has a very established and long history with FWRM, supporting a range of stand-alone programs with FWRM over several decades. FWRM was established in 1986 in response to a need identified in the Fijian women’s movement for a separate, multiethnic organisation providing a distinct and outspoken voice for crosscutting women’s rights issues.


Quick Facts

  • Over the last 30 years, FWRM has become one of the leading organisations dedicated to public political and feminist lobbying as well as education about legal and economic rights for women in Fiji.
  • FWRM are part of the We Rise Coalition, which includes IWDA, FemLINKPACIFIC and DIVA for Equality.
  • FWRM is active in political and civil organising spaces in Fiji and regionally, and is currently the chair of the NGO Coalition on Human Rights.