Eastern Highlands Family Voice

Eastern Highlands Family Voice (EHFV) works on issues of family violence, violence against women, and sexual and gender-based violence. Their mission is to work towards zero-tolerance on gender based violence, child abuse, gender inequality and to promote family values, child rights, gender equality and to alleviate poverty. EHFV provides direct counselling and referral services to women, men and children experiencing violence, as well as paralegal advice and training, community mediation and conflict resolution support, awareness and advocacy programs for communities in Eastern Highlands Province.

Eastern Highlands Family Voice AND IWDA

IWDA began partnering with EHFV in 2008. EHFV provides access to services and support for women and children survivors of violence in the Eastern Highlands of PNG.

Quick Facts

  • Since its establishment, EHFV has counselled thousands of people and worked with hundreds of communities and individuals on lessening violence.
  • The organisation was established in 1997 following a workshop with a group of women looking at the problems that women in Eastern Highlands Province face.
  • EHFV has grown into a leading organisation advocating against gender based violence and child abuse, as well as promoting the healing and protection of vulnerable members of the community. EHFV advocates for policy change and effective implementation to reduce violence, increase gender equality and support peaceful communities.