Dr Alice Pollard Awarded Women of Courage Award


Alice photo

This week has seen Dr Alice Pollard, co-founder of IWDA partner West ‘Are’Are Rokotanikeni Association (WARA) and former Director of the Ministry of Women, Children and Family Affairs, being awarded the United States Secretary of State, Solomon Islands Women of Courage Award.[1] This award was established in 2007 in order to honour the women who have exemplified exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for human rights, women’s equality and social progress often at a personal risk.

This prestigious award was presented to Dr Pollard for her exceptional courage and leadership throughout her 15 year tenure assisting the government of Solomon Islands on gender, social and economic issues, leadership, community development, and governance. Importantly, Dr Pollard has been a key advocate for women’s financial independence and security and her work with WARA has resulted in her being seen locally as a champion for women’s development.

WARA is a voluntarily run rural-based women’s organisation for women of West ‘Are ‘Are in southern Malaita, Solomon Islands. Supported since 2008 by IWDA, WARA runs a savings and loans club for its members. WARA’s aim is to empower and equip its women members with skills, knowledge and wisdom and enable them to participate fully in decision-making on issues that affect their lives and those of their families and communities. WARA promotes self-reliance and rural economic empowerment for its 1000 plus members.

But it needs our continued support. In order for this work to continue, this year Team IWDA is fundraising for WARA through Run Melbourne. When supporting WARA, every dollar has an amplified impact due to the nature of an Australian Government grant!

Join us on July 24 and support these amazing women!

You can choose to walk or run 5km, challenge yourself with the 10km run or push yourself to the limit with a half-marathon. All ages and genders are welcome to join our team – there is even a 3km kids course! We’re aiming to recruit 50 runners and walkers to raise a total of $10,500.

Follow these steps to become part of Team IWDA:

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[1] Solomons Today, 18/04/2016, Available online: http://solomonstoday.com/2016/04/18/dr-alice-pollard-receives-2016-women-courage-award/