Democracy Should Not Come at a Cost


Women are underrepresented and excluded in most areas of public life, particularly in politics and the media. In order for democracy to function, women should feel free to participate in public debate without fear of harassment or abuse. Executive Director of Fiji Women’s Rights Movement, Tara Chetty, highlights the risks involved in women’s active participation in debate, and ultimately democracy.

“Whenever democracy has been discussed, debated or threatened in Fiji, the human rights and women’s movements have been quick to respond – often putting ourselves, our bodies, our organisations, and our reputations, at risk.” – Tara Chetty, Executive Director – Fiji Women’s Rights Movement

Participating in democracy should not come as a cost for women. Our Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women program recognises the significance of improving women’s leadership in Fiji, because more women in leadership means more women’s voices contributing to the decision-making process. Democracy and equal representation are crucial for future progress.

Read Tara Chetty’s full speech presented on the panel for International Day of Democracy.