Feminist Foreign Policy

Explore evidence on global feminist foreign policies.


From Seeds to Roots: Trajectories towards Feminist Foreign Policy

The purpose of this research is to improve understanding of the trajectories towards adoption of feminist foreign policies.

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Policy brief: Comparative analysis of feminist foreign policies

In this policy brief, IWDA explores feminist foreign policy in practice through a comparative analysis of country frameworks.

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IWDA Position Paper on Feminist Foreign Policy

This paper draws on IWDA’s work to date, outlining the basis of a feminist foreign policy for Australia.

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A Feminist Foreign Policy for Australia: Joint submission to the 2020 Review of Australia’s International Development Cooperation Policy

This joint submission from five leading gender equality focused Australian NGOs makes the case that Australia should adopt a feminist approach to all areas of its foreign policy, including international development.

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Feminist Foreign Policy: Key Principles & Accountability Mechanisms

IWDA joined with the International Centre for Research on Women and Professor Anne Marie Goetz of New York University’s Centre for Global Studies to explore the principles and accountability mechanisms needed for feminist foreign policy.

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From Rhetoric to Reality: Towards a Feminist Foreign Policy

IWDA and CARE analyse the 2019-20 budget and recent performance data on the aid program against a feminist foreign policy lens.

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‘Implementing Gender Standards’ Toolkit and Learning Paper

This learning paper is a final output of the SINPA Program. Under the program, International Women’s Development Agency and Oxfam led the development of Gender Standards, a set of minimum standards developed to ensure that the work of SINPA partner organisations did not contribute to the perpetuation of gender inequality. This paper provides an overview…

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