Budget 2015-16: A Gender Lens

May 26, 2015

We know that this month’s announcement of the Australian Federal Government’s budget for financial year 2015-16 contained bad news for IWDA and our partners around Asia Pacific.

More broadly, the budget is damaging for women’s rights across many spheres. Yet a lack of transparency made it difficult to see exactly how. Since 1984, the Federal Government has produced a Women’s Budget Statement with every federal budget. Last year this practice ceased with no explanation.

To bring visibility to the budget’s impact on women, IWDA collaborated with other women’s rights organisations from around the country to produce our own comprehensive gender analysis of the budget including recommendations going forward.

The analysis has been released this week, offering an in-depth view on how the budget will impact women around Australia and the world.

Budgets tell us about priorities. Anyone who wants to understand how the Australian Federal Government prioritises women should read Budget 2015-16: A Gender Lens.