Women’s Initiatives Platform

Based in Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay Division, the Women’s Initiatives Platform (WIP) is a feminist civil society organisation. 

WIP believes that the full and equitable participation of women in public life, including in formal politics and peace processes, is essential for ensuring a strong, sustainable and vibrant democracy in Myanmar.

Women’s Initiatives Platform and IWDA

IWDA’s partnership with the Women’s Initiatives Platform began in January 2018, together designing Myanmar’s first campaign coaching program for women. The model involves intensive, long-term, tailored support to women with political ambitions. The coaches provide one-on-one support to women to develop a long-term campaign strategy tailored to the particular needs of their constituency.

Quick Facts


  • The network funds individuals to participate in a women’s leadership course and provides long-term campaign strategy support for women aiming for election in 2020.
  • WIP’s ultimate mission is to advance the status of women in Myanmar and contribute towards a peaceful society in which there is zero tolerance for violence against women and girls, and in which women have an equal voice in decisions that affect their lives.
  • In 2018, WIP and IWDA designed and commenced piloting Myanmar’s first campaign coaching program.