The Nepalese girls bringing attention to gender inequality


Young girls in Nepal are creating change by making people think about the issue of gender inequality. The girls recognise the challenges and discrimination they face just for being born female. Women are unable to get the same jobs as men, often due to a lack of education, and some end up in unsafe work because they lack options to earn money.

Two She’s the First scholars, Jharana, 11, and Sirjana, 15, organised a 5K Race for Equality in Surkhet. The 350 runners wore signs on their backs to raise awareness of the reasons they were participating in this race. Jharana ran for her mother, who did not receive an education. Upon learning of this at the age of 8, she decided to teach her mother to read and write in order to improve her life.

Learn more about the race and the She’s the First initiative by watching this short film on the Makers website.