Ta’ang Women’s Organisation

Ta’ang Women’s Organisation (TWO) works to raise and document human rights issues of the Ta’ang Women of Myanmar. TWO provides gender and human rights training to Ta’ang women and their communities; increases international and community knowledge of the Ta’ang people; their history and cultures and raises awareness of the human rights abuses suffered by the Ta’ang people. TWO’s programs include a political empowerment program, an internship program, an Eliminating Violence Against Women (EVAW) program and an income generation program.

Ta’ang Women’s Organisation AND IWDA

TWO have partnered with IWDA since 2008, both in Thailand, and now in Myanmar, where TWO is based in Shan State. They were IWDA’s first partner to transition its operations inside Myanmar.

Quick Facts

  • TWO staff and volunteers work across remote ethnic Ta’ang villages, conducting awareness-raising and collecting evidence of human rights violations that occur due to armed conflict.
  • They operate in 14 townships in the Ta’ang area of Northern Shan State
  • TWO is a member of the Adolescent Reproductive Health Network (ARHN), providing Adolescent and Reproductive Health training to the young people inside the Ta’ang area in Myanmar.