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Top 10 Feminist Podcasts to Stay Social in Shutdown

Here, IWDA’s Nikila Cranage lists 10 of her favourite feminist podcasts to help you stay connected even while socially distancingโ€ฆ

10 New & Old Books for Intersectional Feminist Readers

Intersectional feminism is about acknowledging the many ways in which discrimination and prejudice can overlap.

Nine of 2019โ€™s Top Feminist Moments

As 2019 comes to a close, weโ€™ve been reflecting on the successes achieved this year by womenโ€™s movements regionally and globally.

A Love Letter to My Younger Self โ€“ Day of the Girl

Ahead of International Day of the Girl, we spoke with Fijian feminist activist and writer Shazia Usman about her journey in the womenโ€™s rights movement since childhood and the empowering message of self-love for young girls in her debut childrenโ€™s book.

Remembering Sally Horne

With deep sadness we acknowledge the passing of our dear friend and former colleague, Sally Horne.

What is CSW and why are we in New York to be part of it?

IWDA and our partners have travelled to New York this week to participate in the world’s biggest commission on women’s rights. We join together as a movement to speak together, to the world’s leaders, about the status of women’s rights and the changes we want to see toward gender equality.