WAVE Annual Report – 2018

Women’s Action for Voice and Empowerment (WAVE) is a ground-breaking women’s leadership program funded by the Government of the Netherlands. WAVE brings together and supports individual women, organisations, and movements in Asia and the Pacific to increase the representation of women in diverse leadership positions.

The WAVE program strives for a world where diverse women are equally represented as leaders at all levels of society, and are able to use this power to drive systemic change toward gender equality.

WAVE’s ground-breaking work is only possible with the support of the Government of the Netherlands, which funds WAVE through its Funding Leadership Opportunities for Women (FLOW) program.

FLOW has enabled WAVE to demonstrate that ongoing, flexible and core funding for feminist movements is the best way to achieve transformative and sustainable change towards gender equality. We are pleased to present this 2018 Annual Report that demonstrates this growing evidence base and shows the transformative impact this type of funding, coupled with strategic feminist engagement, can have.

The WAVE Annual Report demonstrates a growing evidence base for women’s movement-strengthening in Asia and the Pacific, and shows the transformative power of women’s leadership at all levels.

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WAVE Annual Report - 2018