Peacebuilding and feminist foreign policy

In this paper, Dr Frederica Caso from La Trobe University and independent researcher Patricia Sango Pollard examine the added value of a Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) approach to peacebuilding in the Pacific by looking at the case of Australia and Solomon Islands.

In the strategic competition over allies, a FFP will promote a value-based approach that can attract and secure key partners and bolster the idea of the Pacific Family.

Ethical considerations for an Australian FFP

  1. A FFP that involves women in regional politics rather than just on women’s politics and women’s issues domestically.
  2. A FFP must involve women in their own terms and organisations
  3. A FFP will treat women as knowledge holders and will bolster the First Nations Foreign Policy Agenda.


Peacebuilding and feminist foreign policy
Can Australia rebuild relations with Solomon Islands?

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