IWDA Stakeholder Perception Review 2021-2022

The objective of the Stakeholder Perception Review is to obtain feedback from IWDA stakeholders on IWDA and its work in order to provide IWDA with insights about the effectiveness and impact of its work and promote organisational learning.  

Nine of IWDA’s stakeholders were interviewed by lead consultant, Yeshe Smith, for this report. They were divided into two groups – resourcing stakeholders and collaboration stakeholders. There were four interviews including nine individuals in total with the resourcing partners, and five interviews with five individuals for the collaboration stakeholders.  

This report first focuses on common themes, and then provides some additional and specific resourcing stakeholder responses. Finally, the report provides interviewee responses on what IWDA could do to improve its performance, and what interviewees are hoping for in the future from IWDA. 

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