IWDA is deeply committed to decolonising our approach to feminism and development. 

We recognise that international development has harmful and oppressive roots, and that we must push to transform power within the sector and beyond. This work is critical to our meaningful engagement with global feminist movements and to achieving our overall vision of gender equality for all. 

IWDA’s Decolonial Framework and Strategy will guide us as we embed this approach in our work. 

The Framework section of the document provides conceptual guidance drawn from the forthcoming book by IWDA’s Director of Systemic Change and Partnerships, Dr Salmah Eva-Lina Lawrence. It establishes common understanding of concepts including racial justice, whiteness, coloniality and decolonisation. 

The Strategy section of the document identifies sites of necessary transformation, IWDA’s decolonial practice principles and our commitments going forward. 

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Decolonial Framework and Strategy

The Framework and Strategy draws on IWDA’s almost 40 years of partnership experience, a wealth of literature, feedback from our grantee partner organisations and an external independent review by Majority World decolonial experts. 

We know that decolonisation is not an end state, it is ongoing and unlimited. As such, we don’t see this document as a final position on decolonisation at IWDA. Rather, it is one step forward on a never-ending journey. The document will be refreshed regularly alongside our Strategic Plans and we commit to maintaining organisational momentum and resourcing for this vital agenda.