IWDA and the Global Goals: Driving Systemic Change

At IWDA we are focussed on what the new global agenda means for women’s rights and gender equality. We know that we cannot achieve the change we hope for without gender equality and the full and effective participation of women.

Yet, we know that the world over, women and girls in all their diversities continue to suffer discrimination, direct and indirect (from systems that were not designed with women in mind), do not benefit equally from economic and development advances, and experience violation of their rights, simply because they are women.

The global goals have enormous potential for transformative impact on the root causes of gender inequality but to achieve this we need governments to meet their existing global commitments to progressing women’s rights and gender equality. This is the purpose of IWDA’s work on the Global Goals.

This document sets out the priorities driving IWDA’s advocacy on the Global Goals (Part 1) and IWDA’s existing work at national, regional and international levels towards effective implementation of gender equality and women’s empowerment targets within the Sustainable Development Goals (Part 2).


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