Gender and Economy in Melanesian Communities Manual

The economies of Pacific Island nations are changing and these changes are having significant impacts on the nature of rural and urban life. Increasing numbers of people are on the move to the cities and towns of their home countries and beyond. Across the region, new agreements to allow free trade and promote economic growth are under discussion. These new agreements are expected to produce significant economic and social changes for Pacific communities in the future.

Economic change has the potential to affect men and women differently, both positively and negatively. Understanding how economic change is affecting gender relations makes it possible to act in ways that minimise negative impacts and promote the kind of economic development that benefits both women and men.

This manual of indicators and tools is part of a resource kit of materials for tracking the impacts of economic change for women and men in Melanesian communities. In the Tools and forms section of the manual you will find a survey questionnaire and six participatory activities that can be used to gather data to track gender equality and economic indicators at the community level. A CD with a Microsoft Excel data management package can be used to record and analyse the data you collect.

The resource kit also includes:

  • A ‘river of change’ poster, describing four main tributaries of change necessary to improve gender relations in Melanesian communities.
  • A poster using a floating coconut to help in understanding the roles of women and men in economies in Melanesia.
  • Flash cards for three participatory monitoring tools to test the strength and flow of the ‘river of change’.
  • A Microsoft Excel data management package (download) that can be used to record and analyse the data you collect.

Download Manual

Watch: Experiences using the ‘Floating Coconut’ Gender and Economy tool in WASH projects in Melanesia