The purpose of this review is to provide a snapshot of the IWDA website’s performance since it was refreshed in 2017, and recommend next steps for further reporting and functionality updates. Your feedback will help inform the Communications Team’s plan.

IWDA Website Review

Please complete this form ahead of your meeting with the Communications Team.

  • Team or department name

  • Current pages on the website

    If your team's content is on multiple pages, please advise on what part of the website.
  • Top three audiences who use (or should use) your team’s pages

    E.g. Institutional Donors, Researchers, Development Practitioners.
  • Why would they be coming to

    E.g. They are interested in IWDA's feminist approach to development or they are looking for employment opportunities.
  • What specific thing are they trying to do?

    E.g. Make a donation, find a contact person, access policy document, apply for a job. List as many actions as you like.
  • Do you report on website content or activity?

    If yes, what metrics do you report on?
  • Are there any key website content updates for your team (before 31 December)?

    If yes, what content updates would you like to see by 31 December?