FLOW On the Go


At IWDA, we value the close partnerships we have formed with women’s civil society organisations across the Pacific. Together, we work closely with our partners to share resources, support each other’s research and advocacy, and ultimately administer programs that support women’s leadership in the Pacific.

Local community groups and civil society organisations are best placed to provide expertise and facilitate the implementation of programs to advance women’s equality in the region. IWDA’s Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women program has been critical in supporting our Pacific program partners to do this work.

Since the commencement of IWDA’s FLOW program, more than 20,000 people have been reached, engaging 190 women in leadership training and broadcasting over 5112 hours of community radio. These are just some of the notable achievements of the IWDA-run FLOW program, which is continually working towards women’s empowerment. Our partnerships and programs are dependent on the exchange of resources and it is vital that we continue to support women’s CSOs in the Pacific. CSOs play an important role in the effective functioning of democracy by holding Governments to account and demonstrating how commitments to advancing gender equality can be achieved.