Economically empowering women in Timor-Leste


Women in Timor-Leste are four times more likely than men to be unemployed. Since 2011, Timorese non-profit Empreza Di’ak has worked with over a hundred women, the majority of which are survivors of domestic violence, to provide them with technical and business training and advise them on how to build sustainable livelihoods. Statistics show that this approach is working, with women involved in the programmes earning over the median per capita monthly income.

Earlier this year, the first Women’s Economic Empowerment Conference was held, with the aim of ensuring that Timor-Leste develops inclusively and sustainably. Empreza Di’ak believes that “investing in the economic empowerment of vulnerable women and of the communities they belong to” is a key component in the eradication of gender-based violence.

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