This is what #AFeministFuture looks like

“Brave world, this is a letter from your future.
This is a world made equal.
A generation challenged and changed and redeemed.
A world you believed in,
A world that you built,
A world you’re creating but cannot yet see.”

Every day, across the globe, women’s movements are building a world made equal.

Vital, vocal and visible women’s movements hold decision-makers accountable and speak truth to power. They challenge gender stereotypes and shift perceptions about women’s leadership. They are powerful forces for change.

This video is a message from your future. It’s a future built by women’s movements. In this future, women in all their diversities are elevated and elected as leaders and advocates, governments are accountable to women, and marginalised people have amplified power.

This video is also an invitation. We hope you can share it with others so they can also rise up and join the movement.

Tell us: What is your vision for a feminist future?

2020 is set to be the ‘year of women’s movements’, with a busy calendar of global events dedicated to gender equality. This will be the moment where women’s movements demand action and partnership from governments and policy makers. IWDA will be in these spaces and we want to share your visions for the future.

Video by Creativa Videos; words written and performed by Anna McGahan 

This video was created as part of IWDA’s Women’s Action for Voice and Empowerment (WAVE) program, funded by the Government of the Netherlands. Our WAVE program supports 18 women’s rights organisations in five countries with the resources, skills and networks they need to amplify their collective voice and increase the representation of diverse women in leadership at all levels.