A Feminist Approach To Strategic Advocacy

Are you looking to build on your advocacy skills? Or perhaps you are interested in how a feminist approach can help you create a strategic advocacy plan that is transformative and sustainable?  

Designed for Australia-based for-purpose staff, IWDA’s online workshop, A Feminist Approach to Strategic Advocacy, will show you how a feminist approach can strengthen your advocacy work.

Date: Wednesday 14 December, 2022
Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm AEDT
Where: Online, using Zoom and Mural
Cost: $420+gst (includes full access to IWDA’s Plan Your Power online advocacy planning course) 

Register Now

Full scholarships available for First Nations people, please contact Clara at cbradley@iwda.org.au to register.

What does the workshop cover? 

Understanding power and how it is expressed is central to a feminist approach to advocacy. This full day workshop will provide you with a framework to identify and analyse different forms and expressions of power, enabling you to create an advocacy strategy that is capable of challenging oppressive power while building transformative power.  

Learning outcomes 

At the end of this introductory workshop, you will have: 

  • A strong understanding of how to embed feminist principles into your advocacy planning
  • Understand the various forms and locations of gendered power – and how gender and other discriminations intersect
  • Knowledge of principles and frameworks that support sustainable and transformative change
  • Practice applying feminist principles to strategic advocacy planning
  • Knowledge of how to use essential tools to guide you through every stage of the advocacy planning process
  • Complementary access to IWDA’s Plan Your Power Online Advocacy Planning Fundamentals Course (approx. seven hours of content and an advocacy planning template).

Who is this workshop for? 

This workshop is designed for people working in Australia’s for-purpose sector who want to learn about essential advocacy planning tools for strategies that are targeted, sustainable, and centre diverse and marginalised voices. 

Suitable for people new to advocacy, or seasoned advocates wishing to learn how a feminist approach can strengthen their work. 

About the facilitators 

Clara Bradley is the Advocacy Advisor at IWDA. She started her career as a lawyer working in human rights law reform in Victoria before moving to the community development sector. She has over 10 years’ experience working in advocacy and facilitating consultations with communities and people with lived experience. She now works to support women’s rights organisations in Southeast Asia with their international advocacy work. 

Alice Ridge is the Senior Research, Policy & Advocacy Advisor at IWDA. She works collaboratively with feminist movements in Australia and internationally to co-design advocacy strategies which get to the root causes of inequality and injustice. She has facilitated online workshops for over 200 people over the past 2 years, using a feminist futures-thinking methodology to explore possible feminist futures after COVID-19. 

What people are saying about this workshop

“Two presenters, who had a good sense of the energy in the room and were flexible, the breakout groups led to great discussion, clearly communicated tasks, a good mix of theory and practice.”

“It’s potentially a long day to spend on screen in training, but the combination of interactive tools and regular breakout groups was really good. I really liked the simple yet powerful Gender @ Work diagram to remind us about working across different areas to achieve really transformational change.”

“Great structure, loved the mural board and going through each piece systematically, great discussion, good mix of interactive, discussions and group time.”

“I think it’s a great product to be offering, particularly to smaller orgs in the sector where people have to work across multiple disciplines.”