2020 snapshot

A woman holds a legal book 'Codigo Civil' in Timor-Leste. Text says Thank You. Your kind support means everything'2020 was full of so much turmoil, but through it all, we are so grateful to you. 

Thanks to your support, despite the many challenges of the last year, so much was achieved.

Here are some of the highlights from 2020 that you made possible.



Last year, with your support, 1,331 women assumed leadership positions 

Thanks to your support, more women like Chay, pictured, are able to represent their local community in leadership positions.

A woman is working on a weaving loom990 women participated in training to access increased and sustainable livelihoods.

Thanks to your support, women like Rom received extra vocational training from IWDA partners Women Development Centre and Banteay Srei in Cambodia.

A woman sitting in a training session, she is smiling at the camera69,064 people received information and training on gender issues and women’s equal rights

Thanks to your support, women like Teap, pictured, were able to attend workshops to build their skills and also their network so they can make change in their community.

A woman stands with her arms crossed, she is looking into the camera 265 women accessed financial services and training

Keab is a member of a Savings Group in Cambodia, which supports women to be in control of their own money.

8,221 women survivors of violence accessed counselling and other support services

Your generosity is supporting IWDA partners like the Christian Care Centre in the Solomon Islands who are providing a life-line to women who experience violence. They provide medium-term shelter to women and children, pastoral care and referral to relevant support services.