In Cambodia’s garment factories, women’s wages are so low that they are forced to live in horrendous conditions. Coming home to a complex like this is the reality for many of them.

STAND WITH women experiencing exploitation.

Carla, an IWDA team member, visited one of the drop-in centres for garment workers run by IWDA partner United Sisterhood Alliance.

She was SHOCKED by the experiences the women working in the garment industry shared with her.

  • The long working hours – 12 to 14 hours a day is common
  • The terrible work environments – 12 toilets for 1,000 people and limited access to medicine and clean food
  • The very low pay – so they must work even longer hours to survive
  • The constant fear of physical and emotional abuse if they make a mistake

This is exploitation – pure and simple. AND IT MUST END. These women are strong, but they are not indestructible.

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All women deserve to be safe

Carla visited IWDA partner, United Sisterhood Alliance in Cambodia. They run 5 drop-in centres that reach over 1,600 garment workers.

Carla was INSPIRED by the safe space the women had created for themselves here. She said:

“The women told me that some days the drop-in centre is a classroom and library, providing education to many who had to leave school so they could work. Other days, it’s a place to just hang out – where workers can find a community of people who share similar experiences.”

With the support from United Sisterhood Alliance, the women have the knowledge and confidence to stand up for themselves.

You can support us to END THE EXPLOITATION of WOMEN and GIRLS.

I support women's rights

Our vision is a world where women and girls are equal.

But to achieve gender equality, first we need to stamp out the rampant abuse, violence, disrespect, and exploitation of women. We work with partners such as United Sisterhood Alliance in Cambodia, to END the EXPLOITATION of WOMEN and GIRLS.

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