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Women employed in Cambodia’s garment industry are expected to work long hours, in terrible work conditions, for very low pay.

These women live in constant fear of physical and emotional abuse if they make a mistake.

This is abuse. It should not be tolerated.

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These women are being exploited, and they are often without representation, leadership or a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

This is an abuse of human rights. Will you join IWDA and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH?

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Women like Sophea Deserve a Living Wage, Fellow Feminist.

17 year old Sophea* is one of 840,000** garment workers, mostly young women, who support the multi-billion-dollar garment industry in Cambodia.

Sophea works up to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. She finds it absolutely exhausting.

Terrible Working Conditions and Living in Constant Fear.

Working conditions in the factory are shocking. She has few breaks and lives in constant fear of physical and emotional abuse from her bosses if she makes a single mistake.

Because of how little she earns, she is forced to live in a row of tiny, dark, humid rooms with no windows. It’s common for three to four women to share ONE of these tiny rooms.

Can you imagine sharing 12 toilets with 1,000 other people each day? This is the reality for garment workers in Cambodia.

Let’s END the Exploitation Together.

IWDA’s vision is to create a world with gender equality for all.

But to achieve gender equality, we first need to stamp out the rampant abuse, violence, disrespect, and exploitation of women. These women are strong, but they are not indestructible.

YOU have the power to support IWDA and end the EXPLOITATION of women and girls.

Creating Safe Spaces for Women.

IWDA partner in Cambodia, United Sisterhood Alliance run 5 drop-in centres in Phnom Penh where Sophea and her colleagues can receive training, find information about their rights as workers and obtain legal advice if they need it.

And most importantly it’s a SAFE PLACE where the women can meet and be free to be themselves and share their stories.

Help us BREAK the cycle of exploitation.

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*Names and images have been changed
**2019 data supplied by United Sisterhood Alliance