Listen in as two feminist trouble makers unpack the cutting edge ideas that get them out of bed in the morning and keep them up at night.

This webinar series will help you see beyond the horizon to explore the next big ideas in international intersectional feminism, challenge your ideas of what feminist movements can look like and introduce you to the feminist thought leaders that are currently changing the game.

Join us for this monthly webinar series where you will:

  1. Be challenged by diverse feminist thought leaders
  2. Learn about cutting edge ideas and debates
  3. Connect with other feminist troublemakers from around the world; and
  4. Be inspired to join the fight

Upcoming Sessions

February 9:
Double Trouble - Feminist Co-Leadership and Power Sharing

March 9:
Feminism and Anti Capitalism

May 2022:
Feminism, Decolonisation & Development

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Past Events

March 2022: The Case for Anti-Capitalist Feminism

What does it mean to fight for gender equality within a system designed to benefit the select few? Is it possible to uplift and empower all women within the confines of such a structure? And what would an alternative system look like?

Bangladeshi writer and activist Sanam Amin and Asia Pacific Regional Secretary for Public Services International Kate Lappin demystify the idea of anti-capitalism and share their exciting, creative ideas for a post-capitalist new world order.

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Feb 2022: Double Trouble – Feminist Co-Leadership and Power Sharing

Deconstructing power and authority has long been a central goal of feminist thinking – but what do those principles look like when applied to our leadership models?

In Double Trouble – Feminist Co-Leadership and Power Sharing, Virisila Buadromo, Co-Director of Urgent Action Fund, Asia Pacific, and Zharin Zhafrael, Co-Director of Musawah, will share how they challenge traditional ideas of what leadership should look like through a feminist, co-leadership model.

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