Consultancy opportunity:

Seeking experienced data analysts and researchers to participate in the Equality Insights program by completing one (or more) of a total of four briefs on specified topics, using Equality Insights Rapid data collected from Tonga or the Solomon Islands in 2022.  Two briefs require analysis of data from Tonga and two briefs require analysis of data from Solomon Islands.

Time commitment :

  • Task based consultancy (self-driven timeframe), outside timeline for delivery no more than 6 weeks from commencement.
  • The Consultant(s) must commence the Services no later than 17 October 2022
  • The Consultant(s) must complete the Services by 28 November 2022


Location: Remote (home-based); worldwide expressions of interest accepted

Consultant Fee: $12,000 AUD per brief


Equality Insights is a flagship program of IWDA that aims to redefine how poverty is understood and measured in order to inspire wider change in measurement standards and approaches, and in gender equality outcomes.

Over the course of 2022, IWDA is implementing a program of work that aims to improve the gender equality outcomes of COVID-19 recovery in the Pacific through increasing the availability of data that makes the specific circumstances of women visible, and supporting that data to be used for gender-responsive planning, programming, advocacy and resource allocations. This has involved the development and implementation of Equality Insights Rapid; a new survey variant that can be administered remotely, by phone, to enable more rapid generation of individual-level, gender-sensitive data on multidimensional poverty and inequality in the context of COVID-19.

The program is funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). In Tonga the sponsoring partners are the Tonga Statistics Department (TSD) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Women’s Affairs and Gender Equality Division. In the Solomon Islands the sponsoring partners are the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children, and Family Affairs and the Solomon Islands National Statistics Office.

IWDA seeks experienced data analysts and researchers to participate in the Equality Insights program by completing one (or more) specific topic briefs, using Equality Insights Rapid data collected from Tonga or the Solomon Islands in 2022.  Each brief involves the analysis of one data set only (ie, either Tonga, or the Solomon Islands). No comparative analysis across the contexts and data sets is involved.

The specific topics for each brief, determined with in-country stakeholders, are:

  1. Examining Water, Shelter, and Environment in the context of the volcanic eruption in Tonga
  2. Prevalence and correlates of food insecurity in Tonga
  3. Gender and Labour in Solomon Islands
  4. Examining linkages between Food, Water and Health in Solomon Islands


Consultants are required to:

  • Use the relevant Equality Insights Rapid data set to investigate the assigned topic
  • Present findings and interpretation in a narrative report (between 8-14 pages) in a way that is accessible to a wide audience including policy makers and organisations engaged in advocacy.


For further information about this opportunity, including further details about the briefs, download the Terms of Reference here.



  • Expertise in the respective topic areas highlighted in the brief
  • Advanced experience using STATA or R to conduct inferential analysis
  • Exceptions may be provided for exceptional candidates with policy and/or programmatic backgrounds in Solomon Islands or Tonga who require analytical support from the Equality Insights team
  • Experience using population-based surveys (for Tongan briefs)
  • Ability to adhere to tight timelines
  • Excellent writing abilities, particularly to interpret data-driven findings for non-technical audiences



  • A person from, or with lived experience in either the Kingdom of Tonga, Solomon Islands or another Pacific Islands context
  • Understanding and experience in gender and/or using gender data
  • Expertise in multi-dimensional poverty measurement and/or intersectional research



Expressions of interest are invited from individuals or teams, which must include the following:

  • A clear statement about the topic/topics for which you are applying
  • An outline of the proposed process and timeline to complete all outputs
  • A biography statement for any authors proposed to be involved. Each bio statement should be between 350-500 words and should address the criteria as set out in ‘requirements’
  • A CV for each team member
  • Sample writing piece from the principal author that includes quantitative analysis


Expressions of interest that do not cover these requirements will not be considered. Expressions of interest are open now and will be reviewed from 8.00am 5 September (AEST) on an ongoing rolling basis until the positions are filled. We invite candidate applications from anywhere in the world noting that meetings with the Equality Insights team are required and will primarily be scheduled within Australian business hours. Expressions of interest should be sent to info@equalityinsights.org


This consultancy has no contact with children however as IWDA policy all consultants are required to sign IWDA’s Safeguarding Code of Conduct.