Consultancy: Data storytelling for Equality Insights

November 23, 2020

– Approx. 4 months’ work
– To be completed by end March 2021
– Home based 


Equality Insights is a flagship programme of IWDA that aims to redefine how poverty is understood and measured in order to inspire change. Built on more than 12 years of research and refinement, Equality Insights deploys a gender-sensitive, individual-level survey that asks questions about many aspects of life to better understand how poverty is experienced by men and women. The result in an evidence base (of otherwise invisible) insights to inspire targeted and transformative change.

The purpose of the Equality Insights survey is to collect information about different aspects of a person’s life including their health, clothing, access to water, sanitation, their ability to raise concerns with local authorities, the demands on their time and other details that help us to understand people’s circumstances. The information collected helps decision makers better understand how different people experience these issues and how this might vary depending on who they are, where they live or how old they are.

From March-April 2020, IWDA and Dignity Pasifik led a team of data collectors to administer the survey in the Solomon Islands. A snapshot report of key findings and initial targeted briefs have been released, with a general focus on gender, resilience and food security.

An opportunity exists to further bring the data to life through dynamic visualisations and data storytelling.



Working with the internal Equality Insights team, this role will require technical knowledge of data analysis and journalistic best practice.

The consultant will go through a process of engagement with the Equality Insights team and examine the Solomon Islands dataset to design and develop a narrative that captures audience attention through interactive data visualisation techniques. This may be through a combination of image, text, animation, graphs, scrolling narrative and/ or interactive widgets.


The story will likely focus on one priority group, area or set of key findings to highlight the importance of this data and what it uniquely reveals about poverty.

The program has an overall goal to Understand poverty and inspire change. The data story produced should give an in-depth understanding of the poverty data collected and how this could inspire positive change, reflected by the priorities of surveyed communities.

The consultant must be able to write and edit the narrative as well as scope, plan and design implementation through free or paid software.


The process should be in line with IWDA organisational values: Feminist, Accountable, Collaborative, and Transformative. It will involve participatory engagement with the IWDA Equality Insights team and adhere to the principles and ethics processes outlined in IWDA’s Feminist Research Framework:

Budget considerations:

There is a maximum amount of AUD 6,000 to be spent on this project. We welcome a mix of probono and paid services. Budget information should include costs pertaining to:

  • Daily rate and number of days anticipated.
  • Any additional costs expected to be incurred in accessing, evaluating and interpreting the data.

Identification and likely costs associated with consultants preferred software. Note: Software costs and those associated with hosting and embedding the story on our webpage will be borne by IWDA. Consultants encouraged to identify low-cost and open-source programs for this work where possible.

Deliverable Timeframe Audience
Confirmation of the TORs and timelines 1 week after signing contract Consultant and IWDA contract manager
A scoping workshop at the beginning of the consultancy period to help understand the key priorities of the research team and help canvas what the data story’s focus might be. Up to 4 hours, ideally before Christmas Internal – IWDA
Two potential concepts for the data story—each concept to be between 1-2 pages and present the key messages of the story, skeleton outline of the story, and a summary of creative elements to bring the story to life Presented to IWDA contract manager by 18 January 2021
A draft of the written transcript of the narrative created collaboratively with the Equality Insights team implementing the selected concept for one powerful story from the dataset. 5th of February 2021 Internal – IWDA
Finalised narrative text incorporating feedback from the Equality Insights team 12 March 2021
A one-page implementation plan that clearly outlines how the story will come to life online. 26 February 2021 Internal – IWDA
The finished piece integrated into our website. By 31 March 2021 External – technical and non-technical stakeholders of Equality Insights
Summary Note to be provided to support the Equality Insights team to undertake similar projects in the future. Should cover principles for data selection, key considerations, process for developing, testing and finalising a data story, technical specifications of note. By 31 March 2021 Internal-IWDA


The successful candidate should possess the following skills and experience:

  • Demonstrated experience of data storytelling; design, implementation and technology.
  • Demonstrated experience in writing and editing for publication, data journalism and/or news reporting.
  • Strong technical skills and experience working with data storytelling software.
  • Quantitative analysis skills
  • An understanding of women’s rights or social justice and experience in communicating the lived experiences of diverse populations in an empowering and respectful way.


Download Terms of Reference: ToR – EI data storytelling_final

Candidates are invited to submit expressions of interest addressing the following:

  • A brief cover letter outlining relevant experience and providing budget information detailed in the budget section of this Terms of Reference
  • An up-to-date CV
  • Links to examples of prior published work

Expressions are interest are required ASAP (no deadline) and should be sent to with the subject line ‘Data storytelling consultancy’.

For any questions or further information please contact Hannah Bambra:

IWDA encourages candidates from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and candidates with disabilities to apply. Any offer of engagement will require a National Police Check and endorsement of IWDA’s Child Protection Code of Conduct