What do Fijians think about women in leadership?

May 1, 2015

Until recently, no one knew what people in Fiji thought about women in politics and leadership positions. Public attitudes are important – they can inform approaches to building women’s political participation.

IWDA and partners in Fiji wanted to find out more. So we asked people in Fiji: Do women make good leaders? Would you vote for a woman? Would Fiji be better off with more women in politics?

What we found was enlightening. Most people in Fiji believe that women are under-represented in politics, and that more women in government would be a good thing for Fiji. Even so, conservative viewpoints that favour male leadership are a small but significant minority.

We compiled our findings and included graphs and quotes illustrating the range of opinions we found. Take a look to understand more about public perceptions of women’s leadership in Fiji.

This work was commissioned under the Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women program, a four-year multi-country program funded by the Government of the Netherlands, coordinated in the Pacific by IWDA, and implemented in Fiji in partnership with the Fiji Women’s Forum, Fiji Women’s Rights Movement, FemLINKPACIFIC and Commonwealth Local Government Forum Pacific.