United Nations Side Event on Individual Deprivation Measure

March 19, 2015

On 18 March in New York, IWDA CEO Joanna Hayter took part in a side event at United Nations Headquarters to introduce the Individual Deprivation Measure.

She was joined by Scott Wisor, Lecturer and Deputy Director at the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, University of Birmingham, who played a key role in the development of the measure; and Jeni Klugman, Fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School, former gender director at the World Bank and lead author of three global Human Development Reports. The panel was chaired by Peter Versegi, Minister Counsellor for the Australian Mission to the UN.

Currently, the world doesn’t track whether women experience more poverty than men. The Individual Deprivation Measure is a groundbreaking tool designed to measure poverty in a gender-sensitive way. Watch the video of the side event below on UN Web TV.

We were pleased to see the high interest shown by the standing room only audience in an extended question and answer session. Question to the panel came from people from a wide range of countries, including Jamaica, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, United Kingdom, Somalia, Indonesia, Zambia and United States. All who attended the side event took away key Individual Deprivation Measure tools and resources, and anyone can access these on our website.

Our goal: to see the Individual Deprivation Measure used by governments and civil society around the world. When the world finally begins to track how many women are poor, in what ways, and to what extent, campaigns and efforts to address women’s poverty will be more effective and get better results.