The market rate for a stay at home mum? $96,700 a year

April 12, 2015

“The uneven division of paid and unpaid work between men and women is well-documented. Women do an additional 139 minutes of unpaid work a day compared to men.”

American father Steven Nelms was prompted to calculate what exactly his wife’s unpaid labour would cost: he estimates the cost of his wife’s (unpaid) labour to be around $USD 73,960 per year. In Australian dollars that’s about $96,700 per year. His calculations covered childcare, laundry, cooking, cleaning, financial services and administrative tasks.

Nelms calculations brought upon him a new appreciation for all the (unpaid) work his wife does, an appreciation he lacked prior to seeing the numbers.

“Women do an awful lot of work that they’re not paid for. Do we start paying them a fair wage for the work they do or do we share the unpaid load more fairly?”

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