The Economics of Equality

August 27, 2015

Increasing women’s leadership does not just benefit women, the implications of improved participation in politics and decision-making are far-reaching.

“Supporting women’s leadership in the Pacific is integral to reducing poverty, promoting economic growth and improving governance.”

Research produced by Australian National University demonstrated that an increase in women’s leadership also improves GDP – stating that there is approximately a one per cent increase for every five percentage point rise in women’s leadership.

The case for gender equality is obvious. Inequality is holding back development and denying women basic human rights. Therefore, increasing women’s political participation and leadership will not only foster greater diversity and gender balance, but can also stimulate the economy, thus benefiting everyone. IWDA’s Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women program, an initiative supported by the Netherlands Government, continues to support our partners in facilitating leadership training programs that are designed to enhance women’s confidence.

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