Your support of Cambodian garment workers is wonderful!

Thank you for stepping up.

Thank you for standing with IWDA and working with us to improve women’s rights.

You are protecting women from exploitation at work and we couldn’t do it without you.

840,000 women like Sophea* work in Cambodia’s garment factories.

Last year, IWDA partner United Sisterhood Alliance provided support to 1,600 women who had nobody else to turn to.

By creating a safe space for these women to get information, advice and access to essential services, you’ve enabled these women to speak out and stand up for their rights – individually and collectively.

The work of United Sisterhood Alliance is powerful.

Before she started visiting the drop-in centre run by United Sisterhood Alliance, Sophea was too scared to speak up about her poor work conditions. She was afraid that she’d lose her job – which was so hard to find in the first place. She was trapped in a cycle of exploitation.

Before she joined United Sisterhood Alliance, Sophea:
– didn’t know her worker’s rights
– didn’t know the labour laws
– didn’t have the confidence to speak up and challenge her bosses.

NOW with United Sisterhood Alliance behind them, Sophea and her colleagues:
✔️ understand their collective power
✔️ know their work rights
✔️ can stand up for themselves
✔️ support each other, at work and in life.

Thank you for standing with IWDA to improve women’s rights in Cambodia.

For over 35 years, IWDA and supporters like you, have been amplifying the voice and work of women leaders, standing up to the abuse of power, and relentlessly pursuing equal rights for women.

THANK YOU again for your generous donation. 

It is because of your support that IWDA has been able to protect, support and empower women to say ‘enough is enough’.


*Names and images have been changed